Tomorrow is August 1st and to me it means a new start. Not only is using my Google calendar empowering, saving money can be, as well. But money is a sensitive subject to a lot of people. I can tell you one thing, using the cash envelope system is a way to save money or supplement the savings account one already has. One may ask themselves, “What is the cash envelope system”? “The cash envelope system” or “envelope budgeting” is a MANUAL budgeting system that uses envelopes to store budgeted amounts of cash. Every budget category has an envelope. This way, you guarantee you won’t spend more than the budgeted amount. It’s a systematic personal budgeting method. It relies on being able to use cash for almost all fixed and variable purchases throughout the month. So if you haven’t got the cash left, you can’t go splurging on luxury buys. The envelope system tries to control impulse buying and help you live within your means. I’ll admit I’ve tried the system before and failed. There is nothing wrong with failure because it opens doors. I’m determined to try it again.

There are different categories you can budget for. First off, I feel the “Savings” envelope is most important. I pledge to not get my paws on “Savings”. The other categories consist of different categories. For example, groceries, gas, pets, vacation, and etc. One’s personal preferance. It can be a fun and rewarding project. I’ve done some of the math with my iPhone calculater and the calculations will astonish you.

To start, I do have some used envelopes from years ago but one can find new cash envelopes to support one’s system on Amazon to your liking. Type in cash envelopes in the search bar and there will be over 200 pages of items to choose from. Also, YouTube will have videos with this topic. One can get creative or inspired. Good luck and Happy Savings.

– candaceinthecity

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