In Transition, Again

Where I’m at today is a lot different from where I was in my twenties. Although there was a lot of positive change in my character in my twenties and praying for the things I have now, it is something I can embrace again. As a returning college student, I’m a firm believer, if one continues learning, one will never be bored and one can keep up with the world in which we live. For example, technology, a stronger community. One is a much more well-rounded person and worth more at his/her job.  

In a world that praises 30 under 30 lists, I’ve come to an epiphany: Why not embrace change again in my thirties. In fact, my style has evolved along with a lot of new goals or accomplishments that I’d like to revisit, again. This didn’t happen overnight. I had to become stagnant or reflect on some of my neighbors who have a case of the Joneses. I’ve started to embrace change by donating to Goodwill, selling items on Poshmark, and SAVING money. Life is exciting again. Part of growing up is to let go and live within one’s means. My new motto is “Less is More.” 

Some of my new goals and goals I already had set in place are an Associate in Arts in English for Transfer Degree (AA-T), saving money towards a car, saving money for new windows and a kitchen I design and build myself for my household, walking to school instead of driving, riding my bike, eating more salads, drinking more water, finding a balance between the materialistic world and the world in which I create for myself; after all, I do care about what others think of me (It’s one of my personality traits and one would hope so), continually learning, integrity, and many other goals I’m sure will arise once I keep digging for ideas and clues.  

For now, all I can do is clean my bedroom and get rid of unused items that have no sentimental value to me, anymore. Eat more salads and gear up for school in the Fall. I’m determined and once I set my mind to something, I accomplish it. I’ve realized my life wasn’t unmanageable. It needed a refresh and a little inspiration. I look to the future with anticipation and I wonder what the rest of the year will bring. 

– candaceinthecity

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