Tomorrow is August 1st and to me it means a new start. Not only is using my Google calendar empowering, saving money can be, as well. But money is a sensitive subject to a lot of people. I can tell you one thing, using the cash envelope system is a way to save money or … Continue reading Budgeting

In Transition, Again

Where I’m at today is a lot different from where I was in my twenties. Although there was a lot of positive change in my character in my twenties and praying for the things I have now, it is something I can embrace again. As a returning college student, I’m a firm believer, if one … Continue reading In Transition, Again

Organizing My Blog

Since my chemotherapy treatment ended on February 22nd, I’ve started to feel better and be inspired. Also, I got my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine on Easter Sunday and will be ready to do more activities, early May. I’ve been in a compromised position for about five months because of chemotherapy, during a pandemic. … Continue reading Organizing My Blog

My Skincare Routine

Years ago, in my mid twenties, I attended beauty school to become an esthetician. Although, I soon realized I didn’t want to be an esthetician as a career, I took away a lot and am proud of myself for graduating. It became more of a hobby of mine. I even attended makeup artistry school, further … Continue reading My Skincare Routine


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