Intentions for the Week- Week 34 in 2021

Happy New Week, whether you start it on Sunday or Monday. My intentions went well. Well, at least, most of my intentions worked out. The one that did not work out was the Notion app. I do not know how to use it, yet. I have decided to abandon the project and bought a paper planner, instead. It was a Target find and it will help assist me. I like to use my digital planner (Google Calendar,) as well.

Another intention of mine was to try a new recipe. Overnight Oats are all the rage and even though, I am late to the party, I liked it. I liked it so much, in fact, I picked up a pack of four wide-mouth mason jars while at Target for meal prepping. I can tell Overnight Oats will be a staple of mine. I have started to research recipes on Pinterest and have started a collection.

Also, it hit me, my closet purge and budgeting projects will be ongoing projects but I have accomplished all of the rest of the goals. They consisted of moving my body, drinking more water, and attending a pool party. I moved my body by going on a long walk with a neighbor to a park, I’ve stuck to drinking water (It is hard at first but I am getting the hang of it. My Hydrojug comes in handy.), and I did attend the community pool party where there was wonderful food. The main course was empanadas.

And the most exciting intention of the week was purchasing some school supplies for college from Staples. My semester starts next Monday. It will be nice to have structure and a purpose in life, again because I took a break from college due to a health concern. And, even though I missed an entire year of an academic plan, I feel like a stronger student with more experience. I’m eager to learn.

It feels good to have stuck to a plan and I guess, if you set yourself up for it, by writing about it and/or keeping a calendar or list, it is plausible. Cheers to another week of good intentions. Thank you

Below is a recap of my intentions for last week:

  • Closet purge
  • Drink water
  • Move body/sweat
  • Buy school supplies/prepare for the upcoming Fall semester, starting August 30th, 2021
  • Try a new recipe-
  • Play with and learn how to maneuver Notion. Notion is the all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases. I use the free personal plan. I am a technonot and I have been learning Notion by copying templates made for Notion. For example, there are templates for academia, recipes, meal prepping, agenda, note taking, reading lists, and etc. But you can use it with your team and share it with other people. Here is a link-
  • Budget
  • Attend a community pool party, midweek
  • Below is a list of my intentions for this week:

    • Prepare for college classes by reading some of the material
    • Declutter and organize master bedroom
    • Enjoy the end of Summer break

    Take care,

    – candaceinthecity


    Tomorrow is August 1st and to me it means a new start. Not only is using my Google calendar empowering, saving money can be, as well. But money is a sensitive subject to a lot of people. I can tell you one thing, using the cash envelope system is a way to save money or supplement the savings account one already has. One may ask themselves, “What is the cash envelope system”? “The cash envelope system” or “envelope budgeting” is a MANUAL budgeting system that uses envelopes to store budgeted amounts of cash. Every budget category has an envelope. This way, you guarantee you won’t spend more than the budgeted amount. It’s a systematic personal budgeting method. It relies on being able to use cash for almost all fixed and variable purchases throughout the month. So if you haven’t got the cash left, you can’t go splurging on luxury buys. The envelope system tries to control impulse buying and help you live within your means. I’ll admit I’ve tried the system before and failed. There is nothing wrong with failure because it opens doors. I’m determined to try it again.

    There are different categories you can budget for. First off, I feel the “Savings” envelope is most important. I pledge to not get my paws on “Savings”. The other categories consist of different categories. For example, groceries, gas, pets, vacation, and etc. One’s personal preferance. It can be a fun and rewarding project. I’ve done some of the math with my iPhone calculater and the calculations will astonish you.

    To start, I do have some used envelopes from years ago but one can find new cash envelopes to support one’s system on Amazon to your liking. Type in cash envelopes in the search bar and there will be over 200 pages of items to choose from. Also, YouTube will have videos with this topic. One can get creative or inspired. Good luck and Happy Savings.

    – candaceinthecity

    In Transition, Again

    Where I’m at today is a lot different from where I was in my twenties. Although there was a lot of positive change in my character in my twenties and praying for the things I have now, it is something I can embrace again. As a returning college student, I’m a firm believer, if one continues learning, one will never be bored and one can keep up with the world in which we live. For example, technology, a stronger community. One is a much more well-rounded person and worth more at his/her job.  

    In a world that praises 30 under 30 lists, I’ve come to an epiphany: Why not embrace change again in my thirties. In fact, my style has evolved along with a lot of new goals or accomplishments that I’d like to revisit, again. This didn’t happen overnight. I had to become stagnant or reflect on some of my neighbors who have a case of the Joneses. I’ve started to embrace change by donating to Goodwill, selling items on Poshmark, and SAVING money. Life is exciting again. Part of growing up is to let go and live within one’s means. My new motto is “Less is More.” 

    Some of my new goals and goals I already had set in place are an Associate in Arts in English for Transfer Degree (AA-T), saving money towards a car, saving money for new windows and a kitchen I design and build myself for my household, walking to school instead of driving, riding my bike, eating more salads, drinking more water, finding a balance between the materialistic world and the world in which I create for myself; after all, I do care about what others think of me (It’s one of my personality traits and one would hope so), continually learning, integrity, and many other goals I’m sure will arise once I keep digging for ideas and clues.  

    For now, all I can do is clean my bedroom and get rid of unused items that have no sentimental value to me, anymore. Eat more salads and gear up for school in the Fall. I’m determined and once I set my mind to something, I accomplish it. I’ve realized my life wasn’t unmanageable. It needed a refresh and a little inspiration. I look to the future with anticipation and I wonder what the rest of the year will bring. 

    – candaceinthecity

    The Best Lip Scrub I Have Ever Tried

    You are not alone if you haven’t heard of exfoliating your lips. When it comes to your lips, we often give more importance to hydrating them. But when your lips get dry and chapped, they tend to flake and peel. A lip scrub helps to slough off dead, chapped skin and helps your lip balm penetrate deeper into the skin. The result? Supple, rosier and healthier lips.

    And the winner is:

    See my current lip care routine here: